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Respect at Work: How will it impact your business?

women touching man on shoulder and hand

The Respect at Work Act will see milestone changes to workplace sexual harassment laws in Australia Workplaces must prepare for significant changes to sexual harassment, sexual discrimination, and victimisation laws after the Parliament of Australia passed the Respect at Work Act in November 2022. It received Royal Assent, on 12 December 2022 and Australian workplaces will […]

Ho…Ho…No! How to avoid HR issues at your work Christmas party

A group of office workers laughing and drinking sparkling wine from champagne glasses at their work Christmas party

Work Christmas parties offer a great opportunity to celebrate the year’s work, but they can also cause HR hangovers if not effectively managed. Work Christmas parties are a great way to celebrate with your staff and are often eagerly anticipated events. However, they’re also notorious for alcohol-fuelled incidents such as sexual harassment and safety breaches, […]

Flexible working arrangements for employees

a video conferencing meeting

Flexible working arrangements for employees: what should I know? Which employees are eligible to apply for flexible working arrangements, and how should employers manage these requests? The Covid pandemic has prompted dramatic changes to Australian work culture. As a result, flexible working arrangements for employees are becoming the norm rather than the exception. And there’s […]

The importance of having a Human Resources consultant that specialises in your industry

What is Human Resources and Industrial Relations? Human Resources (HR) is quite literally just a blanket term for your employees and the resources they provide to your business. Their skills, knowledge and work output are all resources your business needs and their emotional needs, future planning, training and company culture are all things a Human […]

Why you should review your HR Plan heading into 2021

HR Business Planning

Human resources, on a global scale, has probably never been impacted as greatly as this year has seen. We imagine, at times, its felt like you were clawing to get to the end of 2020.  Now it feels like the new year is right upon us. And though many of us would like to strike […]

FAQ: SA COVID-19 lockdown -Employer rights and obligations

SA 6 Day lockdown

As most of you would be aware by now, the South Australian State Government has announced a 6-day statewide lockdown with a specific list of essential services that may remain open. To help you navigate your workforce through this period, we’ve prepared the below frequently asked questions our employer clients are asking us. As the […]

High Court decision on paid personal leave a relief for employers

In a 4 – 1 decision on Thursday 13 August 2020, the High Court overruled the original decision of the Full Federal Court in the landmark case of Mondelez. In its decision, a majority of the High court agreed that ‘10 days’ of paid personal /carer’s leave each year as expressed in s 96(1) of […]

JobKeeper extended to March 2021

The Federal Government has today announced that from the end of September 2020, the JobKeeper payment will be reduced to: $1,200 a fortnight; or $750 a fortnight for part-time roles (less than 20 hours per week). This will be revised down again for the March quarter 2021 to:- $1,100 a fortnight; or- $650.00 for part […]

Avoiding Wage Underpayment

Reading about wage underpayment in the news is becoming far too frequent; according to an audit report by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), it found that *56% of businesses were in breach of workplace laws, with *69% of employers stating that they were unaware of applicable workplace relations obligations. The question then is, why does it keep happening and […]

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