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Improve your business (Part 4)

Over the past few months we have provided a series of newsletters introducing the business philosophy called Lean Thinking.  We have discussed “Value” as a concept from a customer or consumer perspective and concluded the most simplistic way to create Value for our organisations was to eliminate waste.


Improve Your Business (Part 3) – Value of Waste

Waste Elimination – Understanding what TIM WOODS is Costing YOU

In our last Newsletter, we introduced the concept of waste and that this exists in every business. If you are to be competitive by delivering a product or service which the consumer or customers are prepared to pay for while ensuring the organisation makes money, you have to focus on the cost of production or service.  We used the acronym TIM WOODS to facilitate the easy remembering of the many different forms of waste.

In this newsletter I will use examples to try and illustrate how much TIM WOODS is costing your business.  The examples have been made up, but hopefully they are close enough to reality that it gives you impetus to calculate the cost of some of your waste and provide the stimulus to drive TIM WOODS out of your business so he can take up residence somewhere else. (more…)

Up to 80% of everything we do to make a product or provide a service doesn’t add any value to the customer!

Improve Your Business with Lean Thinking – Waste

In last month’s newsletter we introduced the concept of Lean Thinking as a way of improving your business and stated over coming months we would be developing and sharing some of the concepts and tools used in this philosophy.

Typically an organisation calculates the price of a product or service using the following formula:

Selling Price = Cost of Product or Service + Profit


The West Gate Bridge Disaster

The West Gate Bridge Disaster

On the 15th of October 1970 at 11.50 a.m. a 367-ft. span of the West Gate Bridge collapsed without warning killing 35 men. (more…)

Increase to National Minimum Wage

Annual Wage Review decision by Fair Work Commission has resulted in a 3.3% increase.


Improve Your Business with Lean Thinking

Article by Grant Winter

In today’s business environment competitiveness is constantly increasing, whether it’s the rapidly changing legislative landscape or the greater number of competitors, many of which could be international in nature having much lower cost structures and inputs.  Add to this, advances in technology plus the changes in our demographics leads to a very complex and at times unpredictable competitive business landscape.

To keep pace with all of these changes, business owners and leaders in addition to running their companies, must be constantly improving and changing in order to survive financially.  You often hear business owners say “even though our business is growing, we are working harder for less return”. (more…)

The True Cost of Work Injuries

The True Cost of Work-Related Injury, Illness and Disease in Australia

Work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths impose real and significant costs on employers, workers and the community.

These include both direct costs and indirect costs.  Direct costs include items such as workers’ compensation premiums paid by employers or payments to injured or incapacitated workers. (more…)

Dismissal upheld – Confidential client list

The Fair Work Commission has dismissed an employee’s application for unfair dismissal, finding that the employer’s decision to terminate the employee for serious misconduct was reasonable as the employee’s action can be construed as constituting a breach of the confidentiality obligations in her employment contract.

An employee who held the position of Account Executive was terminated by her employer for serious misconduct after she submitted her resignation. The employee subsequently lodged an unfair dismissal claim.

The Account Executive tendered her resignation on 28 April 2016 indicating that her last day would be 31 May 2016. On 3 May 2016, she was immediately dismissed when the employer discovered that she had emailed the employer’s client list to her private email account on two separate occasions after she provided notice of her resignation. (more…)

2016 New Year Message

January 2016 – Message from the Managing Director

The team at Workplace Partners wishes you a very happy and successful New Year!

The beginning of a New Year is an exciting time for your business, as you prepare and plan for a great season ahead.

Now is a good time to review your past performance and the systems and processes you have in place and to plan the changes which will lead to your business being more successful. (more…)

Work Functions – Avoid the Ho…Ho…NO!

End of the year functions are a great way to celebrate the year that has been with your staff and clients. As the year draws near to a close, most employees are eagerly waiting to unwind and enjoy all the benefits that the festivities bring.

But before you pop that champagne or make a toast, and whether you are managing the function in-house or through an external party here are some tips to promote a safe and enjoyable celebration that will help you in promoting a positive corporate image (more…)