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Workplace Health and Safety Consultant

WHS Safety Consultancy Adelaide

Workplace Partners work with you to develop and implement safety management systems and processes designed to meet your duty of care and due diligence requirements through the application of a hazard management approach. We tailor solutions that meet your needs based on your organisational risk profile. Workplace health and safety legislation requires that all employers provide a safe place of work for all persons (including employees, contractors, visitors and the general public).

Workplace Partners has extensive experience across a broad range of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) management systems and diverse industry sectors. Our service portfolio includes:

Ensuring the highest level of professional safety expertise and customer service, Workplace Partners can assist you to understand and comply with workplace legislation by undertaking system and process gap assessments, developing WHS systems, assist with the implementation of policies and procedures, and conduct training.

Safety, Environmental and Quality Management Systems
With over 30 years’ experience across numerous industry sectors we can assist you in the development of a certified Management System to efficiently manage your business focusing on continuous improvement with measurable objectives, targets and performance indicators.

Workplace Partners have assisted small, medium and large organisations in meeting WHS & QMS standards and / or accreditation requirements, including:

  • AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management Systems 
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems 
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management systems

Legislative Compliance and System Gap Audits
Workplace Partners work with you and your organisation to ensure your current management system is complying with legislative requirements. Having developed a wide range of audit tools, we provide you with an efficient, cost-effective service conducting systems audits and gap analysis’.

Safety Performance Measurement and Improvement
In order for safety performance to be improved, it must first be measured. By measuring an organisation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in productivity, safety, environment and quality management on a regular basis, the organisation can identify trends that may require improvement.

Workplace Partners can provide assistance in the development of user-friendly systems for calculating monthly or quarterly statistics and reporting. can We can also undertake the analysis and provide a customised report that meet your needs.

Documentation, Policy and Procedure Development
Policies and procedures are fundamental to any management system. Workplace Partners can assist you in developing documentation tailored to your business and in developing your document control system. It is important to note that the business you are conducting will determine the level of documentation required.

Communications and Consultation
We understand that every business is different, therefore we strive to understand your business first before we make any recommendations. We will work with you and your Manager(s), to plan and implement successful business improvement strategies and outcomes.

Contractor Management
Workplace Partners can assist your organisation in assessing the compliance of your contractors prior to and during the course of their engagement in addition to developing and implementing your contractor safety management system. The contractor management system consists of:

  • Verification of the contractor’s licences and pre-qualification.
  • Verification of Insurance coverage
  • Evaluation of the contractor’s safety management system, policies, relevant risk assessments, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s), Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
  • Contractor site and task specific inductions.
  • Drug and Alcohol testing (where applicable)

Remote and Isolated Work
Isolated or Remote work covers a broad range of occupations and industries such as real estate agents, rail track workers, trade service personnel, cleaners, individuals working from home, truck drivers, etc. Isolated work locations can also be working in an office or workshop outside of normal business hours, travelling to regional locations or working in remote site buildings.

Businesses need to ensure they meet their regulatory obligations for employees who work alone or in remote or isolated situations. We will work with you and your business to ensure that your obligations are met.

Safe Systems of Work
With a strong focus on manual handling, ergonomics and other safe systems of work, Workplace Partners can assist your business in ensuring your employees are operating safely and efficiently through a combination of risk reduction strategies.

Risk Management
We have a genuine concern for your business and employees. We will work with you to eliminate or mitigate workplace risk through the development and implementation of a hazard management approach. This includes:

  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Contract acquisition Analysis
  • Plant risk Assessments
  • Hazardous Manual Task (Manual Handling)
  • Chemical Risk Assessments
  • Noise Surveys

Emergency Procedure development
To meet WHS legislation, all businesses must have emergency management and incident response procedures and processes in place in the event of an injury or incident. Workplace Partners are committed to ensuring your compliance and safety by assisting you in developing an appropriate response, including a compliant Evacuation Map and Plan for the workplace.

Incident Investigation
When an incident or event occurs Workplace Partners can assist by conducting an incident investigation to determine the root cause of the incident or event and work with you to prevent the incident from re-occurring.

Workplace Partners develop, facilitate and deliver tailored training on a wide range of WHS topics.

Injury Management
No one likes to see their workers injured and Managers don’t always know how to handle the situation when an injury does occur, (particularly if it is serious). We can assist your business by working with your Return to Work Coordinator (or Managers if you do not have a RTWC) to manage any claims, investigate the cause of injury assist the injured party in their return to work and implementing actions to prevent re-occurrence.

Environmental Management
Due to climate change and the increasing levels of waste in our environment, environmental management practices have become more pronounced and therefore tougher regulations have been imposed, which must be adhered to for the business to be compliant. Let our team at Workplace Partners assist you in developing a sound and compliant Environmental Management Program.

WHS Safety Consultancy Adelaide

Workplace Partners provides businesses within both South Australia and across Australia, with WHS Consulting services.

Contact us today for your obligation-free quote and get started towards establishing an effective and practical safety management system.

WHS Safety Consultancy Adelaide

Workplace Partners provides businesses in South Australia and across Australia, with Safety Consulting services.

Contact us today for your obligation-free quote and get started towards establishing an effective and practical safety management system.

Contact us on 1300 116 400 to enquire about our Safety and Environmental services for your busines

Our Clients

Nick Lagos
Managing Director - Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studios
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I have great confidence in recommending Workplace Partners to guide you through the day to day Human Resources and Industrial Relations issues that a business faces but also as a valuable asset to provide business support when things become critical. One of the greatest values is knowing that you can get good advice quickly and spend your energies on getting on with what you do best, running your business.
Sam Penaluna
Gawler Motor Rewinders
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“We originally engaged Workplace Partners to assist us with HR and Safety matters and are extremely satisfied with the service provided. For over 3 years now we have been members of Workplace Partners, who have been a great asset to our business. If you are in business and need HR or Safety support and advice, I recommend you contact Workplace Partners they really are a pleasure to deal with.”
David J Kirk
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Workplace Partners provide us with the confidence and support we need as a small business to make the right decisions in these sometimes complex and ever-changing industrial areas. Brunnings partnered with Workplace Partners back in 2010 and our relationship has grown and continued throughout this time from some help in WH&S safety systems...
Renee Buchiw
Executive Manager People, Culture & Safety - RSPCA SOUTH AUSTRALIA
Read More
RSPCA South Australia’s experience with Workplace Partners is extremely positive whereby a consistent of high level of customer service for all interactions and correspondence is provided. One thing I really like is the expert advice and interpretation is RSPCA South Australia specific, not general advice like other similar organisations provide, and at a lower cost. I would not hesitate to recommend Workplace Partners to any small to larger organisations who are seeking external value adding support, they work with your business in a number of diverse areas and functions.
Stephen Grundy
General Manager - Mega Adventure
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As a newcomer to Australia, setting up a business was extremely daunting given the complicated local HR and Business requirements. I decided to enlist the professional assistance of Workplace Partners to help navigate our business through its infancy. Our account manager, has been a great asset throughout the year, always prompt and at the end of a phone with a seemingly endless array of knowledge, advice and supply of helpful documents and processes
Stephen Arrizza
Managing Director - Basin Haircutters
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I would like to thank the Workplace Partners team and Arvin for the genuine concern and valuable help and assistance they provide to us in running a safe and effective business. In an ever changing business environment, being a member of Workplace Partners provides us with access to expert advice when we need it. Most of all, thank you for the professionalism and always exceeding our expectations, we are glad you are always there to support us.
Tahnee Curzon
People and Culture Manager - Harris Real Estate
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Arvin has great knowledge of employment legislation and the Fair Work Act, and specifically of the awards that govern the South Australian Real Estate industry. I have previously worked in an organisation where the Adelaide office was not placed high on the priority list as we were very tiny compared to the rest of the Company, and therefore we chose Arvin at Workplace Partners to be our local real estate workplace relations advisor as she has the complete understanding of the Real Estate industry here in Adelaide inside and out.

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