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Encompasses the creation of a: Vision; Mission; Purpose and Values for your business. The development of strategic plans and establishment of goals. The implementation of information systems or technology. The techniques to get work done through people by providing direction, coaching and development opportunities

As businesses grow and become larger and more complex there needs to be a common understanding of what, how and why the business exists as well as the way your business will conduct its affairs.

What you would like to become is your – Vision

How you will accomplish it is your – Mission

Why we exist is your – Purpose

The Way you will conduct your business is your – Values

The Plan on how you achieve your vision, mission and purpose is your – Strategy

These elements guide your entire decision making and become your compass, guiding you through the countless decisions required in business each and every day.

Workplace Partners can support you through the development of these key elements by working with you to establish a framework tailored to the uniqueness of your business.  Once you have these in place our Advisors will guide you through the development of your strategic plan which is the way you bring all of these elements to life.

Planning is not a one off activity but requires constant monitoring of market trends and opportunities, gleaning insights from your business performance data and making improvements and tweaks along the way.  International Research has shown that around 75% of business leaders are happy with their strategic plan but only 25% are happy with the strategy execution.  Our Advisors have extensive experience supporting clients through the planning process ensuring plans come to fruition and don’t just sit in a draw gathering dust.  This is done by establishing structures and processes to review business performance and strategy execution on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

As a leader you have to get things done through people.  Leaders cannot do everything themselves.  Workplace Partners Advisors will provide coaching on the best ways to engage your team and develop the culture you want to drive your Business forward.  This may require delivering some tough feedback to individual leaders; but this is done in a constructive manner with ideas and tips on how a leader can change their style and achieve the most out of your employees.

To ensure your business continuously improves our Advisors are experts at identifying and eliminating waste and they have a number of tools at their disposal which when applied, will positively impact the performance of any business, whether it’s manufacturing or service, healthcare or not for profit, logistics or retail.  All businesses can benefit from Workplace Services approach to business improvement and the adoption of Lean Thinking.  A key requirement of Lean is the use of data to identify waste.  This may require the development of information systems to easy report the performance of the business in key categories such as: Safety, Productivity, Customer Service, Quality and People.  Monitoring and taking action based on these metrics will ensure the ongoing prosperity and success of your business.

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