Mon to Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm     1300 116 400

Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm     1300 116 400

Engaging your team to actively participate in the business and empowering them to make improvements by eliminating waste to make their life easier

Our Workplace Advisors really understands the Behaviour → Attitude → Culture model. Before you can change workplace culture you first must change individual behaviour. This is done by creating work standards and defined ways of working, seeking the teams input in how a job is done. Once agreed it is locked in via standardised work which when followed, results in predictable and reliable outcomes. When this happens, peoples attitude begin to change and they become more confident to suggest improvements to make their lives easier. As these improvements become implemented the workplace culture begins to change. Workplace Culture is defined as “the way we do things around here.” Simply trying to change culture leads nowhere as you have not provided the stimulus to make and embed change.

Other benefits of this approach are that it engages the team in workplace improvement activities and empowers the team to make change become a reality. It also commences the building of trust between workers and leaders, a key ingredient if the organisation is to become successful.

Leaders get things done through people and if the leaders in an organisation don’t have the skill set to work effectively with and via people then staff turnover will increase, improvements won’t be suggested, and trust disappears. Our Advisors when working to develop leaders: build rapport, demonstrate empathy, dig deep to get the best out of the leader, seek approval to challenge, are able to give tough feedback in a constructive way, demonstrate active listening and are inspired to make a difference to people’s lives.

Workplace Partners offer a range of services from formal leadership development through to coaching and mentoring programmes depending on the clients’ needs. All Our advisers have extensive experience in business and are able to give advice or insights on most situations, putting different perspective ensuring the leaders actually thinks before they act.

Workplace Partners Advisors all know for strategic change to be successful it must follow a change process. Most strategic change that fails does so because one or more of the steps Kotter identified in his 8 step change process where not followed. Our Advisors are able to give practical advice and tips on how to make change successful so it becomes embedded into the workplace culture.

Workplace Partners can undertake knowledge training and on-the-job training in a number of areas to assist with the development of people and the organisation. They can help leaders through the team building process giving them practical skills on how to run effective meetings, how to engage team members in improvement activities, tips on effective communication through to how to improve customer focus.


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