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Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm     1300 116 400

Ensuring your product and or service delivery meets and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

In today’s world the pace is ever increasing, more frequent and smaller deliveries are being demanded by customers. These requirements force organisations to have a thorough understanding of their Supply Chain otherwise there will be increased cost which can render your business uncompetitive. Workplace Partners Advisors are able to assist you in developing a detailed understanding of your Supply Chain, from your suppliers through to delivery to your customers and all the stages in between.

Our Advisors have a thorough understanding of Lean Thinking and are able to use this knowledge to develop Warehousing organisational improvements, logistics and delivery reduction while improving service measure such as DIFOT (Delivery In Full and On Time). They can apply methodology which can reduce inventory which will result in a reduction of your Order to Cash cycle and Cash is a key resource required to keep all businesses functioning, whether your sales are growing or declining.

In many businesses we find the production system is based on batches, often the larger the better in the mistaken belief this is the most cost efficient way to make products. Our Advisors are able to review your production system and make recommendations on the most cost effective way to make your product or deliver your service. Changing away from the security of batches to a single piece flow or a make to order strategy can be difficult concepts to grasp because they can be counter intuitive. But businesses after business have found these to be the most cost effective way to produce your product or service. Our Advisors are skilled communicators and they will challenge your thinking in a constructive way, enabling you to transition at your pace.

For a Supply Chain to be successful all the elements must work seamlessly together. Your supplier are the start of your production system and if they are not meeting your requirements this then puts pressure on all the other elements to ensure you continue to meet your customer’s expectations. Our Advisors are experienced to conduct supplier audits and work with them to improve their performance, thereby improving the overall Supply Chain.

Likewise your maintenance system or lack of it, can significantly impact the efficiency of the overall Supply Chain. Workplace Partners Advisors can guide your team to develop effective Maintenance Systems based on TPM.

One process which is frequently missed is the establishment of metrics and targets which enable the performance of the Supply Chain to be measured and monitored. Our Advisors can assist you and your team to develop metrics which can easily be measured and establish a system so everyone knows what’s working and where we need to put our focus so we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. This involves communication both up and down the organisation and occurs on a daily basis.



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