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Workplace Partners provides expert Human Resources Management, Consulting & Advisory Services to South Australian businesses.

Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning will help your Adelaide Business achieve its long term goals.

It ensures that your business has the right people, at the right time with the right skills. Just like managing your business budget, workforce planning is an integral part of any successful business.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

Without a strategic workforce plan, your business will fail to meet its objectives and goals. A workforce plan will prepare your business for the future allowing you to anticipate change and put in place strategies to meet the needs of the business.

At Workplace Partners we have helped many Adelaide businesses through the workforce planning process by developing practical strategies that can be easily implemented and managed.

Performance Management

Performance Management ensures that an employee’s time at work is productive with a clear understanding of the key organisational performance objectives which align individual efforts with the business goals.

A well-developed performance management and review process makes good business sense and can go a long way towards creating a high–performance culture.
Performance Management should be a continuous process by which both the employer and employee have the opportunity to work towards developing clear directions which engage and motivate an employee to perform at their highest level.

A performance management process that allows for both formal and informal reviews can help an employer quickly identify the high-performers and those who may need a little extra support to achieve the standards required.

Managing under-performance is at times necessary and can be almost ‘pain-free’ if it is addressed quickly and performance expectations were made clear from the outset.

Having the right performance management tools is crucial. Businesses that develop and use performance management processes effectively and regularly are less likely to face ‘heartache’ when managing an underperforming employee.

At Workplace Partners we have helped many businesses in develop their performance management processes and address underperformance issues.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are a necessary part of any business, they provide direction to employees and govern the rights of both the employee and employer.

HR Policies and procedures set guidelines on a series of issues that may be faced in the workplace and provide managers and employees with a guide on how those issues should be handled.

At Workplace Partners, we have helped many businesses develop and implement policies and procedures that are tailored to their business.
Click here for a sample list of the types of policies and procedures we provide.

Development & Coaching

Developing your workforce in a continually changing business environment is essential to ensure your business can respond change quickly and swiftly.

Successful organisations, invest in their people by continually growing their knowledge and skills through both formal and informal training. Organisations that invest in their people can attract and retain highly skilled and talented employees.

At Workplace Partners, we have assisted many organisations through HR Consulting by delivering:

  • Management coaching (From front-line through to executive management)
  • Individual coaching (addressing areas such as assertiveness, managing conflict, time management, presentation skills
  • Management training with practice guides tailored to the organisation
  • Other workshops such as; workplace bullying and harassment, Interviewing effectively, Conflict management, building workplace culture, developing internal HR skills of HR staff and management.

Attraction and Retention

With the war for talent raging, attracting and retaining the right people is becoming harder.

The right team can significantly influence your business success, failure to successfully attract and retain the right people can stifle the business.
At Workplace Partners we help clients develop an implement strategies to attract and retain the best staff through:

  • effective recruitment and selection
  • building positive workplace culture
  • individual and team development
  • remuneration and benefits

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