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Employers’ Rights

Workplace laws that govern the employment relationship in Australia provide rights to employers too. Employers (including supervisors and managers) must take steps to understand their rights and obligations in order to manage their workplace in a confident manner. Workplace Partners are experts in providing advice, support, training and representation on employment matters and industrial relations.

Industrial Relations Experts Adelaide

Industrial relations also referred to as employment relations or workplace relations covers matters such as minimum wages, unfair dismissal, enterprise agreements, disciplinary management, redundancies, hours of work, leave entitlement and other matters relating to employment standards.

At Workplace Partners we understand that the Industrial relations landscape varies in each organisation and each presents its own unique challenges. That’s why our consultants don’t just sit at a desk and answer your questions but make every effort to understand your business to give you practical and tailored advice that works.

We have helped many businesses through advice and support on matters such as:

  • Enterprise agreement negotiations (including multi-party negotiations)
  • Disciplinary management
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Employment contracts
  • Review of existing policies and procedures
  • Develop and administer new policies and procedures
  • Terminations
  • Redundancies
  • Underpayment claims
  • Sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying matters
  • Restructures
  • Workplace legislation obligations
  • Award and legislation interpretation


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