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A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) has overall responsibility for the site and the work being conducted for the business. Contractors are responsible for their own work practices on site, but the PCBU still has overall responsibility. When engaging a contractor to carry out services, the PCBU must consider the different hazards and risks to health and safety in each stage of the process.  Contractors now fall under the definition of workers under the WHS Act, a PCBU has an obligation to consult with workers on WHS issues to minimise the risk to health and safety.

Contractors are generally engaged to provide specialist expertise or services, but as a temporary workforce, they are often unfamiliar with the site, its particular hazards and the relevant safety system and therefore specific guidelines need to be established.

Workplace Partners can assist your business in assessing the compliance of your contractors prior to engagement and in developing and implementing your contractor safety management system.

The contractor management system consists of

Workplace partners can provide cost effective solutions to your contractor management needs. Please contact Workplace Partners on 1300 116 400 if you require assistance with your contractor management system.


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