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Working remotely: The new norm or HR disaster?

As we approach the end of this decade and enter into 2020 the concept of working remotely continues to rise. Gone are the days where we can only work when we are in the office, now you can work wherever you can get a WiFi connection. 

So what does this movement mean for the future of HR? 

Despite the most obvious benefits of working remotely, being employee flexibility and a reduction in overheads, there are also a number of risks associated with this trend that any business owner should consider.

One of the main risks associated with remote work relate to a workers physical safety. Work health and safety policies are well understood in most traditional offices, but with accidents that occur within homes or virtual offices there may be less clarity about the duty of care.

Who is responsible if your employee has a car accident whilst driving to a job, or a fall down the stairs at home, or a fall whilst putting the washing out during working hours? There can be huge price tags attached for businesses who encounter “workplace” accidents that result in compensation claims.

Naturally, there are often blurred lines around workplace health and safety protocol when employees work remotely or flexibly, but as an employer you have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your team, if you have approved their working arrangements. 

With remote working becoming the new norm there is no room for complacency in organisations. Proactive and rigorous employment practices that inform and educate all managers and employees about guidelines, policies and procedures are a necessity. 

If your business is looking to implement remote working arrangements, we recommend a thorough review of your organisations policies and procedures.

Our experienced team of consultants can work with you to ensure the safety of your employees, data and sensitive information. 

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