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Public Holiday Entitlements

public holiday entitlements and rates

The National Employment Standards sets out employee entitlements for public holidays in Australia. Here’s your guide to understanding public holiday entitlements. Overview of public holiday entitlements Public Holiday entitlement form part of the Fair Work Act – National Employment Standards (NES). Under the NES and employee is entitled to be absent from work on a […]

Fair Work Minimum Wage Increase 2021

minimum wage

Annual Wage Review decision by Fair Work Commission has resulted in a 2.5% wage increase effective 1 July 2021. The Annual Wage Review panel has handed down its decision to increase the national minimum wage and minimum rates under modern awards by 2.5%. This brings the national minimum wage to $772.64 per week ($20.33 per/hour) […]

Strategies for Employers to manage excessive annual leave accrual

Under the National Employment Standards (NES) all employees covered by the national workplace relations system other than casual employees are entitled to a minimum of four weeks’ paid annual leave each year, or five weeks for certain shift workers (depending on the award).  Annual leave accrues progressively during the year according to an employee’s ordinary […]

Avoiding Wage Underpayment

Reading about wage underpayment in the news is becoming far too frequent; according to an audit report by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), it found that *56% of businesses were in breach of workplace laws, with *69% of employers stating that they were unaware of applicable workplace relations obligations. The question then is, why does it keep happening and […]

Changes to Annualised Wage arrangements in Modern Awards

Annualised Wage

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has issued a decision to insert new annualised wage arrangements for 22 modern awards from 1 March 2020 imposing new obligations on employers. The new annualised wage arrangements are only applicable to full time employees. It is important however to note that the new annualised wage provisions in the modern awards do […]

Modern Award Changes 2020

Variation to 32 Modern Awards is set to commence on 4 February 2020. Since 2014, the Fair Work Commission has been reviewing all modern awards as part of its 4-yearly review. As part of this review, the Fair Work Commission has now finalised the first batch of 32 modern awards which have been published on […]

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